Social Service – Kwaggafontein


Kwaggafontein MapKwaggafontein is located in the Thembisile Hani Local Municipality in the Nkangala District. It has a population of 45 000 of which 99.2% are Black African. Unemployment is 37,5%. 85.6% of people live in formal dwellings with only 6.8% connected to a flushing sewerage system and 92.3% connected to electricity for lighting. 18% of people older than 20 have no formal schooling. An estimate 2025 people with disabilities live in this area. STATS SA estimates that 4.5% of the Population is Persons with Disabilities.

Our Staff: All Mpumalanga APD (MAPD) Social Workers have 4 year university degrees. All Social Service Professionals are required to be registered with the South African Council for Social Service Professionals.


Home Based Care.fwHome Based Care is offered to People with Disabilities that needs assistance with basic hygiene &meal preparation. MAPD monitors the quality of care that is offered, address psychosocial issues and facilitate access to grants, wheelchairs and assistive devices.




Stimulation Centre.fwStimulation Centres offers day care facilities for children 0-18 years with various disabilities. It offers parents the opportunity to work while there children are safe and cared for. MAPD monitors the quality of care and stimulation that is offered, address any psychosocial problems and facilitate access to grants, nappies, wheelchairs and assistive devices.




Protective Workshops.fwProtective workshop are universal access environments that provides opportunities for people with disabilities to develop and improve their skills and to earn an income through the products that they make. MAPD monitors the quality of care that is offered, assist with skills and entrepreneurial development, offers services and facilitate access to grants, wheelchairs and assistive devices.


Kwaggafonteing Contacts:
Tel: (079) 287 0564 | Ndzunza Tribal Office, Kwaggafontein C
Box 14099, Nelspruit, 1200 |