Persons with Disabilities


Disabled Persons NGO South AfricaBreaking Access and Participation Barriers
Mobility ensures that we are part of our community, it’s services and the many opportunities it offers us to socialize, grow and be economically active. Persons with Disabilities in Mpumalanga are of the poorest of the poor due to a continuing lack of access to opportunities like schooling and employment. Mpumalanga APD helps Persons with physical disabilities to access mobility devices such as crutches, canes, wheelchairs and artificial limbs to obtain mobility.

Greater mobility helps Persons with Disabilities

  • to have a sense of control
  • to focus on their abilities and not their mobility
  • to have more strength and energy to do things on their own.
  • to become an active part of their community and the opportunities it offers.

“Disability is now understood to be a human rights issue. People are disabled by society, not just by their bodies. These barriers can be overcome, if governments, nongovernmental organizations, professionals and people with disabilities and their families work together.” WHO 2013

Empowering Persons with Disabilities
We believe in the full and equal enjoyment of ALL human People with disabilities are often excluded from basic educa-tion and therefore do not meet the entry requirements of for-mal vocational training programmes, such as literacy skills. This affects their chances of finding decent jobs. Mpumalanga APD builds relationships with parents, people with disabilities, government and non- governmental.

Reducing Compounded Marginalization
How a person experiences disability depends not only on the functional limitations relating to their disability, but also to the environment and the attitudes of people around them.

Harmful attitudes can be

  • assumptions about capabilities & dependency which may lead to disempowerment & overprotection.
  • negative superstitious beliefs & practices that causes discrimination within the family and community that deny equal access to resources such as opportunities for development.

Environmental barriers include

  • issues in the physical environment like inaccessible public buildings, facilities and transport.
  • communication – Lack of accessible information in braille, or visual format for people with hearing impairments

A combination of attitudinal and environmental barriers effectively causes people with disabilities to be excluded from many activities that others participate in as a matter of daily living. Mpumalanga APD helps to reduce marginalisation by supporting parents of Children with disabilities, giving information to teachers in mainstream schools and by facilitating access to assistive technology like ipad’s, computers etc. Our focus is to assist persons with disabilities to find ways to function to their fullest potential.

organisation to strengthen the representative voice of people with disabilities. We represent Persons with disabilities on a number of forums and illicit regular feedback from the people we partner with. Where necessary we will help individuals and groups to access their rights as described in the South African Constitution. Nationally, we take part in awareness campaigns like Casual Day and Nappy Run to make the community aware of the needs and issues of Persons with Disabilities.

Equal Rights ARE NOT special rights

Supporting Independent living
Persons with disabilities should have the opportunity to live in their communities. Institutions limit personal growth, development and self-worth. Institutional care is both costly and lacks the ability to offer a high quality of life.
Mpumalanga APD are passionate about Persons with disabilities staying in the community and help to achieve this in four ways.

  • Assisting Persons with Disabilities and their parents or caregivers to access services like health care and education and social assistance to cover the high cost of disability.
  • Assisting NPO’s in communities to render quality Home Based Care Services to Persons with various Disabilities.


Assisting Stimulation Centres in different communities to offer quality stimulation and care to disabled kids during the day.


Assisting Protective Workshops in communities to offer quality social work services, development of skills and entrepreneurial growth towards a sustainable income for persons with disabilities.

Delivering Excellent Services to Persons with Disabilities

Mpumalanga APD employs the services of qualified Social Workers, and Auxiliary Social Workers in order to ensure the rendering of quality services to Persons with disability in Mpumalanga. The Social Development Staff is deployed to 4 satellite offices in the three districts of Mpumalanga from which we render social work services. Our Satellite offices are in Acornhoek, Nkomazi, Mpuluzi and Kwaggafontein. In each of these areas we have partners that affiliates to us to receive our professional Social Work Services. 50 Affiliated Structures including Protective Workshops, Stimulation Centres and Home Based Care projects with over 2000 persons with disabilities benefit from our services.
We help them with:

  • Social work services for persons with disabilities – assisting the person to function optimally in his or her environment
  • Psychosocial support and counselling
  • Facilitating access to mobility and assistive devices for persons with disability.
  • Accessing services and support that persons with disabilities have a right to.
  • Skills training and entrepreneurial development of Persons with disabilities
  • Training and capacitation of their care staff
  • Developing management committees of these centers to become fully functional, independent NPO’s
  • Awareness raising on disability issues