Skills & Social Development


Breaking Access and Participation Barriers


Wheelchair and Mobility Devices. Key actions in this area is on track. During this quarter our SSP’s assisted beneficiaries to receive 21 Wheelchairs and 12 Mobility Devices Beneficiaries. We recruited a volunteer OT that is assisting us in developing a strategy to get wheel-chairs to our beneficiaries. We developed a database of 60 people that need wheel chairs and sourced one new funder of wheelchairs.

Access to the Workplace.
Job and Learnerships Placement Project
In January the process was started that Secured Agriculture Project that is benifiting 18 PWD (5 in Kwaggafontein and 13 in Acornhoek) This project is now underway since April 2015. On the 22nd June, the Masibuyele Emasimini Project beneficiaries at Bakwethu Protective received their first stipend. A partnership was formed with SPAR Lowveld for learnerships. A partnership was formed with Woolworths who requested 7 CV’s of people with disabilities for a screening interview.

Reducing Compounded Marginalisation

Reducing MarginalisationDuring this quarter our SSP’s assisted beneficiaries to receive 15 Assistive Devices. This is due to a visit from the Deputy Minister of Social Development to Mpuluzi. 90 New intakes were recorded of which 42 were Parents that are new to disability. Care givers at 15 Stimulation Centres and 3 teachers received training to better look after Children with Disabilities. Care givers at 15 Protec-tive Workshops received training in looking after people with disabilities.

Empowering PWD and strengthening their representative voice

During this quarter SSP’s were involved in 20 awareness events reaching approximately 1911 people in the areas that we service. MAPD was represented at 34 Forums meetings where the rights, needs and services to PWD were discussed. 4 of these forums is provincial.

Empowering PWD.fw24 PWD were assisted in terms of accessing their rights
There has been a number of Newspaper Articles in the Lowvelder. Articles describedf the support received from SPAR Lowveld (R75000 Golf Day cheque and the R250 000 donation in kind. An article on the social work we do was also featured.
A partnership was formed with the Police’s Disability Branch. They are actively involved in planning with us for an exciting Nappy Run Event this year.

Supporting sustainable independent living in the community

In this quarter, 64 People were assisted to apply for disability grants and 50 were as-sisted to apply for employment. 38 Assessments by Occupational Therapists were facilitated, mostly to assess needs in terms of wheelchairs. 79 DSD monitoring tools were completed as per our contract with DSD to ensure quali-ty services to PWD. 10 SSP’s did 293 visits to 7 Home Based Care Projects, 21 Stimulation Centres.

Creative Participation Project

The aim of this project is to increase the motivation of PWD. Being creatively involved in a project have a number of benefits. It will help people to engage in living, it will give them ideas of things that they can do and it gives an opportunity for the social worker to engage with PWD in a supportive way. There has been a very positive response from centres that have been engaged this far.


April 2015
In April two knitting workshops were presented to 10 ladies from Nkomazi. They were supplied with knitting needles, crochet needles and wool. A expert from “Naked Sheep” trained the ladies. Participants were brought to Nelspruit and trained in our Conference Centre.


Beaded Daisy Necklace

May 2015
At the end of April 10 Social Service Professionals (SSP’s) were trained in a technique of beading and they each received 2×6 training kits to go and train 6 PWD respectively at a specific Protective Workshop. During May 64 persons with disabilities at 10 Protective workshops were trained and supplied with supplies to make beaded daisy necklaces. On 5 June SSP’s each received a packet of beads and ribbon to give to trained participants so that they can make and sell. In June a further 10 persons at 1 Protective Workshop and from the Edcon Projects were trained in this technique. 3 groups have sold their products and have re-ordered beads through the provincial office.


Wire Heart with Beads

June 2015
In the beginning of June 11 SSP’s were trained in mak-ing a wire heart and during June had to train people at 11 centres and deliver tools and supplies for 30 hearts per centre.
During the month 77 persons with disabilities at 11 Protective workshops and two Edcon projects were trained and supplied with supplies and tools to make beaded wire hearts.
On 26 June, Supplies was given to each SSP to de-liver to the Projects that was trained.

Wire Heart Beads

Train the Trainer for July 2015

Centres and Beneficiaries June 2015
R2643.42 for 12 groups R220-30 / group
– Paint – 6 colours, varnish, brush-es, sandpaper, stencils & Koki
– 12 enamel serving dishes with lid
Enamel Paint train the trainer
On 26 June 2015 Social Service Professionals (SSP’s) were trained in a painting technique that they then had to go and teach to 12 Protective Workshops Each centre will receive a starter pack.

Delivering Excellent services to People with Disabilities

New reporting formats that gets feedback on services in relation to the strategic plan was developed. These reports are done on excel spread sheets and give a month-on-month reflection of work in each target area per centre. DSD is subsidising two extra senior positions that will help us ensure that our services are of a high quality. Monthly training of Staff ensures that a high quality, uniform service is rendered in all the areas we service. The training is written up into manuals that can be given to new staff whenever we have them. There has been no staff turnover in the past three months. Staff seem to be better motivated and goal directed.