Nappy Run MAPD

SAPS Nappy Run event, 2014

Nappy Run is an annual national campaign to raise awareness about children with disabilities and to collect nappies (diapers) for them.

Children with disabilities are society’s most exposed and vulnerable group. Educating the public about the conditions and challenges faced by our country’s children with disabilities towards their social inclusion and the honouring of their rights is therefore central to the Nappy Run campaign.

Living up to its name, Nappy Run is also a campaign to raise nappies for children with disabilities. Due to incontinence associated with various types of disabilities, children with disabilities have a disproportionately high need for nappies, often up to an advanced age. Nappies are expensive and not affordable to many families and children very often have to do without them. This situation has a degrading impact on the child; it causes great discomfort and is also unhygienic.

Although Nappy Run is an ongoing campaign, we like to focus on it over a two months period, i.e. October and November. We go all out with public awareness raising and calling on the public and corporates to donate nappies from the beginning of October. The campaign then culminates in a Nappy Run fun run event on the first Saturday of November.

The main Nappy Run fun run event takes place at the Johannesburg Zoo. Often Nappy Run fun run events are also organised by affiliates of the NCPPDSA at centres across the country. The SAPS head office divisions also hold a Nappy Run event on an annual basis in Tshwane.

Sarafina, SAPS Nappy Run 2014

“Sarafina” by kids, SAPS Nappy Run 2014

With a Nappy Run fun run the public spotlight is focused on children with disabilities and an opportunity is offered to the public to become involved in the cause of children with disabilities in a fun and interactive way.

Since the inaugural year of Nappy Run in 2011, thousands of people have participated in Nappy Run fun run events in Johannesburg and at various other centres in the country.

Since 2011 well over 300 000 nappies have been raised through the Nappy Run campaign and hundreds of disabled children across the country have benefitted from the donated nappies. Donated nappies are distributed to individual children and centres and schools for children with disabilities.

TV, radio, the print media and online media are extensively utilised in our public education and awareness raising activities and the Nappy Run campaign undoubtedly contributes significantly to creating a better informed and better educated public about our country’s children with disabilities. Hence, Nappy Run contributes directly to the protection and promotion of the rights of children with disabilities and to their social, educational and cultural inclusion.

Nappy Run is dependent on sponsorships and financial support for its success and the NCPPDSA acknowledges with much gratitude the financial support received from MARSH, the DG Murray Trust, Momentum, Blue Label Telecoms and Pampers.

Visit the Nappy Run website for more information and updates on the campaign and our Nappy RunFacebook page.